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We focus on retirement & income strategies, insurance planning, safety of principal & tax minimization solutions
for families, business owners &  retirees

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Strategies Designed for your Financial Success 

We Will:

Review existing life insurance policies to maximize policy value for Individuals & Businesses
Reposition assets to help minimize taxation on investments, estate and retirement income
Create low risk, guaranteed and predictable retirement income streams
Design tax free supplemental retirement income strategies
Provide businesses with qualified & non-qualified executive compensation, retention and retirement income solutions
Provide managed Investment solutions that target reasonable returns and minimize downside risk
Create transition strategies from the asset accumulation to distribution phase
Coordinate retirement income, long term care, social security & medicare supplement planning
Provide appropriate 401K / IRA rollover options & portfolio review

Our focus is on safe money strategies & alternatives
We build solutions to help our clients achieve their goals regardless of market volatility 

It May Be Time for a Financial or Insurance Review 

It’s never a bad time to speak with your financial advisor about changes in your situation.

Life do your financial & insurance planning needs...

Is your insurance coverage up to date?

Does your investment portfolio match your risk tolerance and goals?

Are you nearing or entering your retirement years?
Is it time to safeguard your savings and start thinking about
creating protected and predictable retirement income?

We'll review your current situation, assess your goals and objectives & help ensure
you're on track to meet your current and future needs.


Contact us today for a no obligation financial or Insurance review

We provide objective advice, attention to detail and a commitment to our clients
so they can plan wisely, make sound decisions and focus on family and business


Not sure about your coverage? Need a Policy Review? We'll help you determine the correct type and amount of coverage to protect your family or business. We run quote comparisons from dozens of carriers to find the best rates. 


Will you have enough income for a long retirement? What are the risks to retirement success? We create customized retirement plans based on your goals and best interests. 


We focus on securing your business and future with executive compensation, retirement income, buy-sell, key man coverage, pension/401k planning, group benefits and help to attract, retain & reward the best employee's


Traditional and Asset Based long term care protection strategies tailored to your goals..We'll incorporate your LTC needs into your overall retirement strategy


Turning 65 soon? Medicare won't cover all of your medical costs in retirement. We'll help you choose a plan to fill the gaps in coverage. We'll make it simple to understand your medicare supplement & advantage plan options


Concerned about making sure your family is secure regardless of life's twists and turns? We'll provide strategies to protect your income source in the event of income loss due to a disability


Planning designed to provide safe, flexible strategies for a diverse client base


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Al Ragovin, CFP®

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Welcome to RFS Financial & Insurance Solutions

RFS Financial designs strategies for individuals and businesses to help grow assets, preserve wealth, retire safely and maintain Income and lifestyle.

We create comprehensive solutions through a number of financial services. As an independent Certified Financial Planner ™ I offer objective, practical options and recommendations to help people reach the goals that are important to them.

Whether you're planning for your family's future, mitigating or eliminating market risk with diversified financial strategies, securing your business, generating income, preparing for a comfortable retirement or wealth preservation, we will provide sound financial options to help you reach your goals and navigate through the risks in life to help you feel confident about the next steps

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