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We can help you understand all your life insurance options, including:

  • Low cost term policies for affordable coverage; (1-30 yr) needs
  • Providing a legacy to your family or philanthropic interest
  • Establishing a discounted source of liquidity to pay estate taxes
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Small business protection planning for key persons
  • Policy owner and beneficiary designations
  • Income tax and estate tax considerations

The death of a family member is a devastating and painful experience that no amount of insurance can ease. However, having the right life insurance coverage can help to protect your family from additional financial devastation. But how much life insurance is enough – and what is the right kind for your family? We can help you access the proper amount of insurance needed dependent on your unique circumstances and concerns, then recommend the amount and type of coverage to ensure that you and your family are properly protected. As an independent advisor, we have no ties to specific carriers, so we recommend policies that provide the largest amount of benefit for the lowest premium; are affordable; and will remain in force at the time when your family is most likely to need them.

When shopping for life insurance, consider needs such as replacing income, college education costs, emergency funds, final expenses and settlement of estate costs so your family can maintain its standard of living. As a rule of thumb, you should seek coverage between six and ten times your gross annual income depending on circumstances. There are two general categories of life insurance; Term and Permanent.

Term insurance generally provides coverage for a specified period of time, and pays out a specified amount of coverage to your beneficiary only if you die within that time period. You pay the same amount of premium from the first day of the policy until the term ends. Permanent insurance, in contrast, lasts for the rest of your life or until you terminate or cancel the policy if desired, as long as policy premiums continue to be paid.

We take your overall financial planning, your needs and budget into consideration to determine the appropriate amount and type of life insurance coverage.


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