Ensuring Your Retirement Success

We devote the bulk of our lives to our work, we save and invest our hard earned money, and we hope to accumulate enough to retire comfortably. Once we do retire, the wealth we have accumulated must last the rest of our lives. Since people are living longer than ever before, there is a greater potential of outliving our savings. Therefore, your retirement income plan must be designed to last as long as you. A substantial investment loss in the years just prior to and/or just after you retire can have a devastating impact on the level of income you receive over the course of your life. With proper foresight and planning you can accomplish your retirement goals and maintain the lifestyle you desire, once you have stopped working.

Whether you are preparing for, nearing or in retirement, our retirement planning can assist you in developing a complete plan that takes your unique goals and needs into account. I will help you design an income plan incorporating insurance and investment strategies to create the potential for long-term growth as well as guarantee income throughout your retirement.

Creating a retirement income plan is a complex process: 

There are many challenges to creating stable income for retirement. For example, solving longevity risk may include deferring Social Security, purchasing annuities with lifetime payouts, buying life insurance to provide an income stream to a surviving spouse, and carefully choosing a withdrawal strategy from a retirement portfolio.

Some of the major risks to a secure retirement income stream:

Longevity Risk - The risk of living to long, out living your money and providing an adequate steam of income for an unpredictable length of time
Market risk – the risk of market volatility - risk of financial loss due to market fluctuation
Sequence of returns risk – The risk of loss of substantial retirement savings at or nearing the retirement phase of life.
Inflation Risk – The risk of loss of purchasing power is one of the greatest risks we face.
Loss of spouse risk (single life pension option) – The risk of one spouse dying resulting in an inadequate stream of income for the surviving spouse, for example social security income or single pension payout for one spouse being eliminated.
Timing risk – Economic uncertainty at or nearing retirement, for example may face high inflation or low interest rates to create an income stream
Long Term Care risk – Risk that additional financial resources may be required for custodial and medical care not provided by health insurance.
Excess withdrawal risk – The risk of depleting your portfolio prior to the end of retirement.
Taxation Risk – the risk of rising tax rates

The income question must address the concept of guarantees vs. risk. In other words, how much risk do you want in your retirement portfolio and income stream? The best answer is usually to create a balance of income generating vehicles which might include systematic withdrawals form your investment portfolios as well creating guaranteed income streams to supplement the guaranteed income received from social security and pensions. Guaranteed income can address your fixed necessary expenses such as house payments, utilities, medical, and food,etc. While income generated from systematic withdrawals from riskier investment portfolios can provide discretionary income for expenses such as travel, hobbies and charities.

Lifetime Income Needs

Retirement security; will you have enough income for a long retirement? As life expectancy continues to increase, retirees need to be concerned about outliving their savings. A steady stream of income that cannot be outlived is a primary concern.  

IRA/401K Distribution Planning

Retirement accounts: How do you maximize the income potential and minimize the taxes on that income? Which investments do you use first? These are important questions if you don't wish to outlive your money! I provide a customized plan that is tax efficient and designed to provide income while keeping the impact of inflation at a minimum.


Annuities are tax deferred savings and investment products that offer additional options for your retirement planning. They can convert your assets into a lifetime income source. They guarantee a steady stream of income that retirees can't outlive, and we find they can be a valuable tool for certain individuals.

There are many annuity products on the market with assorted features. I will help you determine the best choices to match your goals and personal circumstances based on your particular situation. I will advise whether annuities are a good choice for you. We help you understand your options, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of annuity, and how annuities can fit within your overall financial plan.

Risk Managed Investments

We provide our clients with risk managed retirement portfolio management. Through our professionally managed platform of private wealth managers, we serve our clients by providing them with portfolios that help limit large losses in the retirement savings they have worked so hard to build.

Through our professionally managed platform of private wealth managers, we serve our clients by providing them with portfolios to protect the assets and retirement savings they have worked so hard to build. 

Health Care

Longer lie spans necessitate the discussion of additional potential health care issues due to the natural aging process. Potential long term care health needs in retirement may have an impact on retirement savings. Expenses of long term care for one spouse may effect both spouses ability to live in the style they are accustomed to. Retirement income might have to be diverted to a long term care facility or at least in home services depleting some of the expected funds available for every day expenses.  

Estate Planning Issues

Estate planning strategies help give you control over decisions concerning your assets, finances, and health care. They are not only a way to assign assets to heirs, but a way to perpetuate your legacy. You should be aware of the importance of having the proper estate planning documents to protect you,  your family and your assets. The intent is to decrease family strife and discourse at the time of serious illness or death.

Retirement Planning Services

  • Identifying your current and Future needs
  • Setting Up retirement plans; IRAs, Pensions, 401k's Cash Balance Plans
  • Income Planning
  • Social Security Maximization
  • Pension Maximization
  • Rollovers & Lump Sum Distributions
  • Roth Conversions
  • Estate Planning Issues
  • Long Term Care Solutions
  • Medicare Supplement Planning

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