As a business owner you have many financial decisions that need attention.You're
faced with issues like taxes, retirement and estate planning. In addition you must also worry
about providing retirement benefits to your firm’s employees, retaining your key people or
preparing for their loss, and preparing for the day you will hand over the reins.The number
of decisions and their complexity can be overwhelming to a business owner. However, ignoring
these issues can be a danger to the business. We help you sort out these issues and develop
strategies to address the key financial decisions you and your business face.

Retirement income strategies

Have you saved enough to maintain your lifestyle and become independent of the business?
People think preparing for retirement involves saving as much money as possible and investing
it wisely by diversifying. But in addition to diversifying investments, smart retirement savers
also consider how taxes will affect their retirement dollars. There are a number of ways to save for
retirement and withdraw income once retirement arrives. It’s important to consider the contribution,
accumulation and distribution tax characteristics of these options.

Retirement Savings Plans (Pension / IRA / Defined Benefit Planning)

We provide a variety of qualified and non-qualified retirement savings options. After reviewing your needs, goals and current situation we can guide you in determining the most appropriate types of plans for you, your employees and your business. We offer pension, simple IRA, SEP IRA, Defined Benefit and cash balance plans specifically designed to maximize benefits for the small business owner.

Executive compensation

Have you created programs to recruit, reward and retain key employees? Key employees make an
important contribution to your company’s profitability. It is in your best interest to recognize their
contribution. Selective executive compensation benefits reward those employees whose achievements
are most responsible for the business’s success and allow key employees to share
in the accomplishments of the business.

Key person / Buy-Sell Insurance

If a key employee dies, will your business suffer financially?Key employee life insurance is owned by a company
on the life of one of its important employees. The death of one of your key employees could cause
serious problems to your company, such as lost sales, lower earnings and added costs for hiring and
training a replacement. Key employee life Insurance provides a death benefit that helps you replace
these costs and operate smoothly after losing a key employee.

Estate planning

Can you successfully transfer the assets you’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate? You’ve worked hard to build
and maintain a legacy, and you deserve to pass it on to your children and
grandchildren. But when the time comes, estate or income taxes and other costs can erode the assets
you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating. A life insurance solution can help protect those assets by providing
a tax-free death benefit to help alleviate these costs and provide a legacy to your beneficiaries. It also
plays an important role in many estate planning strategies.

Business succession

Have you identified steps to transfer the business to others at a fair price? Having a business succession
strategy in place is a key to success and survival of your company. Strategies such as buy-sell arrangements can
facilitate the transfer of a business interest upon a certain event (death, disability or retirement).

Group Benefits

Help attract, retain and reward employees by offering them affordable health benefits
We offer group plans for: Health, Life Insurance, Disability & Long Term Care


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