Social Security Income Planning

Retirees who select an educated Social Security income election may see an increase in their income throughout their retirement years. With historically low yields on fixed income investments, the need for maximizing all forms of retirement income becomes that much more important. The most appropriate income election for your particular situation can result in a substantially higher total dollar increase over a married couples retirement lifetime. We will help guide you in making the most advantageous social security benefits election and help determine the best strategy to receive the maximum benefit available to you.

We can assist you on how to:

  • Maximize your individual and spousal family benefits
  • Determine when you should apply for Social Security
  • Understand how much you can expect to receive
  • Determine how Social Security fits into your retirement plan
  • Explain strategies available to help maximize your benefits, including the most popular “Restricted Application” and “File and Suspend”
  • Determine how delaying benefits until full retirement age or age 70 may impact you
  • Explain how spousal benefit strategies and coordinating social security benefit decisions within the context of your financial plan are important

It is important to keep in mind that Social Security is a retirement asset that is adjusted for inflation and can be tax-advantaged.

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